Smart design needs to be accessible to everyone in all phases of everyday life. Great design should not start and end at the high end, luxury level. New technology has led to advanced materials and manufacturing of products that can positively affect all end users. A tooth brush, pencil, garbage can, car, computer…all products in your day to day life are a precious commodity, they serve a purpose that is a necessity for your contribution on this planet. The objects that makeup your surroundings create a profound affect on you. These objects need to not only fulfill an obligation, but to do it well, economically, dependably and with style that creates an experience.

There is no excuse for bad design, un-sustainable materials and inflated prices on products and interiors that lack any excitement. Designers need to be held accountable to their users; the public. With economic turmoil leaving the masses to the whim of the market and designers with fewer options, the choice should be clear:

Make smart products available and affordable that create an experience. People should want to use the things that surround them not only because they are great quality but they are the best design.

Think Smart:

  • Conceptually
  • Technology
  • Versatility
  • Materials
  • Experience
  • Style
  • End Price
  • Ergonomically
  • Production
  • Options
  • Exciting
  • Interesting
  • Whimsical

Mass production is not a bad thing if it is designed very well. We must use every option we have available to make the largest positive impression we can on the world around us.