For a long time now, I’ve been considering the relationship between interior design and industrial design. Some of my favorite designers have their hands across the design spectrum. Designers like Philippe Starck, Mies van de Rohe, Marcel Wanders and Karim Rashid have all made waves with projects that span anywhere from industrial design, architecture, interior design and graphic design. Their work is influential and absalutely unique because of their ability to use all mediums of expression within their design. Their ability to step out of the box of specialization and incorporate all mediums is inspirational. I think any designer would be tempted by the idea of having complete control of all aspects a design, as Charles Eames said, when asked why he made furniture, “so [I] can design a piece of architecture that you can hold in your hand”.

The names that have left their mark in history as versatile designers are the ones that do not let details escape them, instead concentrate on the simplest object such as a spoon as if they were designing a city, as expressed by Argo Flores, a Viennese architect around the turn of the century,”…an architect should be able to design anything from a spoon to the city.” Or for Marcel Wanders; makeup products to hotels.

With all the technology and communication available to us in this present age there is nothing to limit the ability of designers today.